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Although the real estate industry continues to suffer, there is an interesting part of it that is making significant progress these days. It appears like there are an increasing number of home buyers who are in favor of buying new homes instead of pre-built ones. It is true that purchasing a used home has its own perks, but why are most people these days opting for a new house? Let’s find out why.

new house

1 – New homes allow buyers to design it the way they want.

Buying a used home means you accept that you are moving in to a place designed by someone else’s preferences and style. It means everything inside, from the flooring, interior paint, countertop, furniture, appliances, to the cabinets and bathroom tiles are not your choice. On the other hand, a new home means you have room to choose the type of fixtures, lighting, interior paint, and literally all things in between.

2 – A new home means being able to pick your own floor plan and room layout.

One of the obvious reasons why you finally have decided it is time to move in to a new place is because your current setup no longer meets your specific needs for a comfortable dwelling. But if you choose to invest in a pre-built or used home, you realize that some of those needs are not met because the setup is not as favorable as you expected. Well, it is because you do not agree with the layout inside. So, to address that problem, your best option is a new home; something that lets you choose a specific layout that meets all your needs.

buy a home3 – A new home is under warranty.

Another reason why most people choose new homes is that everything is still under warranty. Considering that the building is literally “brand new,” all the things inside is also brand new, including the roof, appliances, even the heating and cooling system. If you’re buying a used home, there is no guarantee that all the things inside, including the furniture and appliances will last for a couple of years. Therefore, you must prepare yourself in spending money to buy new things after moving in. With a new home, you don’t get to spend money for renovations and repair for at least five years.

4 – New homes are energy-efficient.

Furthermore, you expect a new home to be more energy-efficient compared to those built over five years back. The integration of new technology like smart home features and better insulation allow for a more efficient living, plus the fact that everything inside is new means there are less possibilities of having drafts, leaks, and other problems associated with old and deteriorating stuff.

5 – Indoor air quality is better in new homes.

Home buyers value comfort more than anything else when it comes to choosing a home to purchase. In fact, the lack of comfort is more than enough reason why they decide to finally invest in buying a house. Unfortunately, old and used homes do not offer the kind of comfort most people dream of since indoor air quality is largely compromised due to deterioration and structural issues. If you are someone who is not picky, and more than willing to spend money on renovations, a used home is not a problem for you. However, if wish to invest in an energy-efficient home with advanced ventilation and air filtration systems, you should go for a new house.

Finally, modern buyers hope to buy a new home instead of an old and used one because they know for a fact that even if they spend more on upfront costs, they save money in the long run since a newly built home has minimal maintenance costs. Also, they don’t have to face major repairs for at least the next several years.

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